05.06.18: "WDR 4 Songpoeten" mit W.N. – Playlist + Podcast (05.06.18):

Runaway train   -   Soul Asylum
Against the wind   -    Bob Seger
No gettin' over you   -   Bonnie Raitt
The sea refuses no river   -   Pete Townshend
Please Mister Postman   -   The Beatles
Return to sender   -   Elvis Presley
Locomotive breath   -   Jethro Tull
Marlene on the wall   -   Suzanne Vega
Spezialisten Blues   -   Stoppok plus Worthy
Bobby Brown goes down   -   Frank Zappa
Landslide   -   Fleetwood Mac
Tallahassee Lassie   -   Tommy Steele
I'll stand by you   -   Pretenders